Personal Project Portfolio

This project portfolio was created to supplement my resume and showcase my experience with engineering and creative design. In my first few years at Yale University, I have pursued projects outside the classroom that help hone my skills with mechanical systems, 3D modeling, and web programming.

Custom 3D-Printed Cello Music Holder

I’m a proud member of the Yale Precision Marching Band, an eclectic group that loves to entertain large crowds with music and fun. One the band’s defining characteristics is our eagerness to welcome any instrument into the organization – if it makes a sound, you can play it with us. In the fall of 2017, we welcomed a cello player who was excited to actively march around the football field with her cello. The only problem was that “marching cello” has not really been done before, so she didn’t have a way to hold her music during shows without impacting her ability to play or move around.

I took to Solidworks to design a custom music lyre that would fit comfortably around the base of the cello’s neck. The device reached underneath in the open space of the fingerboard and was locked in place with a wooden dowel. Alligator clips were tied onto the front handles to make it easy to add or remove a music flip-folder. The cellist was excited to test out the prototype, which I printed out on a MakerBot. She ended up keeping the device and using it at every performance all year! I was excited to use my design skills to accommodate a musician into a group that I love, and will continue to modify the design to fit her cello even better.

Website Design and Programming: GatorFred's Fun and Party Center

I have worked at my family’s business ever since I was 12 years old. GatorFred’s Fun and Party Center is an indoor bounce house and birthday party facility located in Tampa, Florida. In 2016, I used my self-taught knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript to completely remake my parent’s old, outdated website. Using a design from HTML5 Up! I tore down the old site and developed a brand new, fully responsive site for GatorFred’s. The website includes prices, information, two unique photo galleries for their outdoor rental service, and two php input pages where a client can request specific information about a party or sign a Terms and Conditions agreement. I continue to update and maintain the website as necessary. I continue my interests in website design with this very website, fully programmed by me!

Custom 3D printed Name Plates

The Yale Bands Wilson Band Room at the Adams Center for Musical Arts was recently completely renovated. The new room, while beautiful and grand, is still vacant of the decoration and character that makes a band room feel like a second home for the musical ensembles that inhabit it. I again took to CAD modeling to design 3D name plates for the three organizations that meet in the band room: The Yale Precision Marching Band, the Yale Concert Band, and the Yale Jazz Ensemble. I printed each name plate with different color PLA on a MakerBot at the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design. The trio currently sits proudly by the front entrance of the band room.

Music Notation with Sibelius 8

An important characteristic of the Yale Precision Marching Band that sets us apart from other college ensembles is the fact that our music is 100% written by its students. The band carries on a long tradition of writing any song we would ever want for a show and teaching its newer members how to write music for a marching band. In 2017, I was chosen as the band’s Head Student Arranger, which meant that I was responsible for writing the music for our 7 halftime shows and assuring that the music written by other students was up to standard. During my time in this position, I arranged 26 songs for the marching band, some of which were played for crowds of 60,000 people. This was an incredibly rewarding experience, and I am excited to pass the mantle down to the next student arranger. You can find 3 samples of my music arrangements below.

Rocket Man - Elton John

Death of a Bachelor
- Panic! at the Disco

E.T. Theme and Ride Mashup - John Williams/21 Pilots