Mechanical Engineering B.S. Candidate

Graduation: May 2019

Hi! My name’s Antonio Medina. Originally from Valencia, Venezuela, I grew up in Tampa, Florida, and currently attend Yale University. As an undergraduate majoring in Mechanical Engineering, I am hard at work learning about the physical world and its connection to the tech we use every day.

My interests lie in the integration of various engineering sciences to the development of new technologies. My career goals are to pursue contributions to innovation in the tech industry and to be a part of a team that can create something amazing. Find some of the projects I have worked on below!


Smart Wearables:
Glasses for the Blind

An ultrasonic sensory navigation aid to assist the visually impaired.

In my latest project, I worked with one other teammate over the summer of 2017 at the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design to design, develop, and create a working pair of “smart” glasses.


Mechanical Engineering and Design Portfolio

Highlights and descriptions of my relavent coursework projects

The classes at Yale are more than just handing in problem sets. Hands-on projects include an RC car, 3D puzzles and architectural designs.


Personal Project Portfolio

Designs and ventures related to my extracurricular and work-related activities.

These projects reflect my interests outside the classroom, which include CAD design and 3D printing, musical notation and website design.


Science Writing and Featured Articles

At Yale, I contributed to the Yale Scientific Magazine as a regular writer and then later as a Featured Writer on their online blog, the Scope. Find my relavent articles and posts below.

Facing the Black Cloud: New Approaches to Air Pollution

After my summer abroad in Beijing, I research some of the ways Chinese engineers and other thinkers are finding solutions to this global issue.

3D Printing - Reimagined

A close look at a new company that is inventing a new method of manufacturing that abandons 'traditional' 3D printing.

New Software Brings Sketches to Life

I discuss what I learned about Yale professor Julie Dorsey's cutting edge 3D drawing program.

Star Wars: The Return of Improbable Science

In this fun article, I analyze and discuss some of the scientific concepts and laws of physics that are broken by the adventures in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

2017 CEID Fellows Present Their Final Presentations

The Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science reports on the final presentations of the fifth cohort of fellows from the CEID's Summer Fellowship, including my team, Variant Vision.

Get In Touch

I would be happy to discuss any questions, ideas, or opportunities that you may have! My email is and you can call me at 813-453-3059.